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A little piece
of Ireland
in everything
we produce

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Co. Roscommon

Co. Wexford

About Us

Agriculture is Ireland’s oldest industry. From our first settlers almost 10,000 years ago, it continues to evolve, tending to crops, caring for animals and providing for its people.

It is forward-thinking and responsive to the environmental factors that directly shape it, like no other sector. No profession knows the nature of the planet like the people that work the land everyday of their lives.

We are all a product of Ireland and have been sustained by the food that comes from this land for the entirety of our lives.

Ireland has provided the fertile soils and raw materials needed to produce crops and raise the livestock we need for generation after generation. In every potato we eat, glass of milk we drink, each meal we take, there is a little piece of Ireland that the farmers have put into the produce.

Come rain, wind, sleet, snow or shine, Irish farmers work from sunrise to sunset to provide the food to sustain us all...regardless of gender, ethnicity, economics or food preferences.

We invite you to learn about our farms, discovering the various people and families who are producing your food, and the environmentally friendly farming methods that they are using to ensure our shared future is protected for generations to come.

There is always “A Little Piece of Ireland in Everything we Produce”.

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